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John P. Choisser

Author, Engineer, Publisher

read, learn, explore!

I don't believe learning should ever stop. Whatever your age, or wherever you live, reading can take you to places and times like nothing else can. My job is to foster wonder, surprise, and fascination with the world around you. I would like to encourage you to build, explore, and learn about things that will make your life more fun and fulfilling.

Some of my books can be used as guides for science projects, so you can have fun while learning about biology, engineering, math, and physics. I'm adding new books regularly, so check back often for updates!

My books are published by Amazon, and links are included on this site for your convenience in locating them. If you don't have a Kindle Reader, you can download the free Kindle Reader App to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Your Kindle library will then be available to you on all your devices.

It's pretty convenient to have the material lists in one of my how-to books in your phone while shopping at Home Depot, or to be able to reference one of my recipes while in the supermarket! BTW, I also write the Cooking Dude site,